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Introducing Denise O’Dwyer BA (Hons) FSSA , founder and Head Consultant at Feng Shui - The Element of Success
An interest in Oriental philosophies grew following a Classics & History of Art degree at university and a successful career in the corporate and commercial sector. Denise initially studied Feng Shui with the Chue Foundation in London and progressed to Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, graduating in Feng Shui Mastery with distinction, before returning to London to set up her successful London consultancy.

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Since the small changes I have made…my sales figures have tripled…and confidence is soaring!

Boho Hemp

Only call her when you're ready because her work is powerful.


…exciting informative and just completely wonderful!

Sue Kelly

…astonished how it was so true and made sense! Seriously recommend it!

Shamil Sharshek
La La Piano Bar

…a big THANK YOU, for your help in winning our appeal…

Meena Patel

…life is going on fine… very grateful for all your assistance and advice

Sunil and Lakshmi

What is Feng Shui and what can it do for you?

Feng Shui, 'Wind and Water', is the ancient Chinese art of working with the natural forces or
‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘Chi’) that flow around our world to the improvement of lives.
As much a science as it is an art, Feng Shui can be traced back over 5000 years, and originated in rural China when farmers studied the landscape, seasons, and weather to try to understand the environment they lived in.  

Today, the same ancient and authentic Feng Shui knowledge, passed from Master to student, is used to help create happy homes and prosperous businesses for many thousands of people around the world.
Feng Shui can be a powerful transformative tool for better relationships, improved productivity and wealth, enhanced career prospects, or a greater sense of health and general wellbeing.

There’s now a wide and growing circle of influential businesses and successful celebrities who have used and embraced Feng Shui that includes Madonna, and Oprah. Companies such as British Airways, Virgin Group, Marks and Spencer, and most of the major banks use Feng Shui to support their business. Find out more about what Feng Shui, the element of success, can do for you here.






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