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05 May

In The Zen Zone

This month I was happy to contribute to an article for Scratch Magazine, the biggest circulating trade magazine for nail and beauty salons.  It is great to see Feng Shui becoming more mainstream, especially among retail outlets where Feng Shui can make an enormous difference to the success of the

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22 Apr

The Feng Shui of Extreme House Sitting

I was intrigued and fascinated to read about a new trend of people living in large disused buildings.  In return for a small rent they live in empty old mansions, hospitals or schools as long as they keep them tidy and secure.  £180 a month for a 35 bedroom mansion?  Deal!

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19 Apr

How's Your Feng Shui?

How Feng Shui friendly is your house?  Take this fun quiz from Time Out Magazine in Beijing to find out…

Seriously though, whilst some of the questions are based on sound Classical Feng Shui principles - such as avoiding situating a bathroom in the centre of the house - others are not.   Particularly the placement of water in the garden.  This includes ponds as well as moving water features.  

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