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It’s no secret that there are areas in everyone’s lives and businesses that could benefit from a little help and balance. By tapping in to the positive Qi, or energy in your home or work environment your level of wellbeing can be improved, and balance and harmony brought back into your life. Senior Feng Shui consultant, Denise O’Dwyer offers a range of consultation services to those looking to improve their health, wealth, happiness and success. A property visit and consultation will take around a full morning or afternoon. A Classical Feng Shui survey is very comprehensive and all measurements and calculations will be successfully completed on-site. You will then be guided through the findings and advised on implementation of the contents of your personal recommendations. Questions are welcome and clients enjoy a further three months support to ensure maximum success.




Achieving and maintaining an edge over the competition is at the heart of business. By surveying, plotting and analysing the qualities of Qi in your working environment you can encourage more alert, more effective and more productive individuals. Balancing the Qi around your workplace will encourage and enhance the positive flow of wealth to your business - and limit the drain.

Implement Business Feng Shui to:

  • know the best locations in your premises for your key-people and your merchandise to inspire maximum profit.
  • minimise sickness, tensions and productivity by encouraging a more harmonious working atmosphere.
  • make the right impression by communicating confidence, image and positivity to customers and staff.

Many global brands now benefit from implementing Feng Shui principles. A few of the most notable include:- Bank of England, Citibank, Coca Cola, Disney, Hilton, Merrill Lynch, McDonalds and Virgin Airlines.

Perhaps they know something you don’t. Find out what that is before your competitors do.
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Discover how to understand and maximize your life potential and select the most auspicious days for action.

However conscientious and hard-working you may be, luck also plays its part in an individual’s success. As 30% of what happens to us is influenced by our surroundings through Feng Shui, 30% comes from our Heaven Luck or Destiny, and the remaining 40% from our human free will.  A comprehensive destiny and life analysis will give you decision-making guidelines and allow you to focus on making the right decision at the right time for you, whether in your home or your business life. Using BaZi, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Date Selection techniques you can be better informed and act accordingly.


  • know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • anticipate challenges and obstacles.
  • make better-informed decisions
  • identify good (and bad) key dates.
  • have better relationships – understand your relationship luck and compatibility.

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The places in which you live and work play a significant role in shaping your life.  30% of what happens is influenced by your surroundings and the quality of your experience can be vastly improved by the practice of Feng Shui.   By mapping and working with the energy or Qi contained in your house Denise will advise you on how to create an environment for everyone at home that means:

  • being more successful in ‘luck’, life and love.
  • having more harmonious relationships,
  • staying healthier, sleeping better.
  • attracting and retaining wealth.

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A short (2 mins) summary of the essence of Feng Shui and the services that Denise offers at Feng Shui: The Element of Success.


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